Les Baer Custom in .204 Ruger!
(Scopes Not Available)

AR .204 Ruger Super Varmint Model

AR .204 Ruger Super Match Model

Les Baer Custom is proud to offer the very first AR style rifles chambered for the hot new .204 Ruger cartridge.

The astonishing .204 Ruger is a blazing fast screamer with the 32 grain bullet measured in our 24” barrels at 4250 F.P.S.! Together with its inherent accuracy…and the uncanny accuracy of our own AR rifles… that extremely high velocity makes the .204 Ruger a fantastic choice for varmint hunting, particularly at ranges under 500 yards.

The .204 Ruger is offered as an optional caliber in our AR Super Varmint model and Super Match model. Both models come equipped with our own LBC Bench Rest 416-R series stainless steel barrels in either 24” or 26” length. Our barrels feature precision cut rifling using our own bore diameter, lands and grooves and very special chambering. Like all Les Baer AR rifles, our .204 Ruger models come with our five-shot accuracy guarantee of 1/2 MOA or less.

Note: Because of the taper on .204 Ruger cases, the .204 Ruger 20-round magazines will actually only hold 5 rounds per magazine. Do not attempt to force more than 5 rounds in the 20-round magazines.