Les Baer Custom AR .223 Super Varmint Model
(Scope and rings optional)


The flagship model of our AR rifle line is built with the same care and precision as a custom bolt action rifle. It's as dependable as any rifle built and it's accurate enough to be a trusted companion on any excursion for prairie dogs, woodchucks or coyotes at long range. It's so good, it makes the tough shots look easy. We'll guarantee that our Super Varmint Model will shoot 1/2 MOA groups! Included with each gun is a target with two five-shot groups shot at 100 yards. It's built from best AR parts and accessories in the world, including:

• LBC Forged and Precision Machined Upper & Lower Receivers (available with or without forward assist upper) • Picatinny Style Flat Top Rail • LBC National Match Carrier (chromed) • LBC Bolt (chromed) • LBC Extractor (chromed) • Geissele Two-Stage Trigger Group (truly spectacular) • LBC Precision Machined Adjustable Free Float Handguard With Locking Ring • LBC Aluminum Gas Block With Picatinny Rail Top • LBC Bench Rest 416 R Stainless Steel Barrel With Precision Cut Rifling (1X9 Twist Standard, Optional Twists Available Including 1X12, 1X8, 1X7) 20” Length Standard (18”, 22” and 24” Optional) • Newly Designed LBC Custom Grip With Extra Material Under the Trigger Guard Corner • Versa Pod Installed • (1) 20-round magazine • LBC AR .223 Rifle Soft Case • Dupont S Coating On Upper, Lower And Small Parts • Stainless Steel Barrel, coated on request.

The fit, finish and performance of this precision rifle will please any lover of fine rifles, and the superior accuracy will put it in a class with many bolt guns. With a guaranteed 1/2" M.O.A. and a price well below the $3000-plus you might expect to pay for such an extraordinary piece of equipment, the Les Baer Super Varmint model is almost sure to change the whole AR market. In addition to hunting, the Les Baer Ultimate AR .223 Super Varmint Model is also an excellent choice for SWAT units and other law enforcement teams requiring absolute accuracy.