Exclusively From Les Baer Custom...
.264 LBC-AR™

The Caliber With Downrange Ballistics That Will Simply Knock You Out…Plus The Rifles And Ammo That Will Help You Get The Best Performance.

The .264 LBC-AR™ is one of the few new calibers to come along in a very long time that won’t leave you groaning about …”Oh, not another one!”. So you know it’s got to be an incredible performer. At 100 to 900 yards and using our own factory loads in one of our Ultimate AR rifles, we have shot sub-1/2 MOA groups all day long . So the .264 LBC-AR™ is not only super accurate, it’s consistently accurate! Much of that accuracy, of course, is due to the rifles, because the rifles we’re building to accommodate this exciting caliber are built with the same precision cut bench rest barrels and all the other accuracy enhancements that have made our .223 and .204 Ruger rifles the acknowledged performance leaders.

But it’s also about the ammunition. To ensure the high level of performance of the .264 LBC-AR™, we have entered an agreement with our friends at Hornady to provide us with their superior quality brass and the reloading dies for our new caliber. And the factory loads we’re offering are being custom loaded by Black Hills Ammunition using that very excellent Hornady brass and dies.

And that’s the innovative way to guarantee top performance.

Hornady Reloading Dies for
.264 LBC-AR™.



Exclusive! .264 LBC-AR™ Custom Ammunition And Components

Whether you choose to shoot factory ammo or load your own, your ammunition needs for .264 LBC-AR™ can be satisfied at the same place that created the caliber and also manufactures the first firearms chambered for it. By providing everything you need, we can better ensure the integrity and continuity of the caliber as well as guaranteeing the most accurate and dependable performance possible. We think you’ll appreciate that.

The available loads from Black Hills Ammunition are:
• 123 gr. Sierra Match King
• 123 gr. Hornady A-Max

Both these high performance loads are sold exclusively through Les Baer Custom.


Super Varmint Model .264 LBC-AR™
(Scopes not available).

The Super Varmint Model in .264 LBC-AR™ is virtually identical to the Super Varmint Model in .223 which is still the flagship of our AR line. The features include the same amazing Les Baer Custom bench rest barrels that shoot absolutely lights out. Each rifle comes with two (2) 14-round magazines.

We guarantee performance of ½ MOA or less.

M4 Flattop Model w/16” Medium Weight Barrel
.264 LBC-AR™

(Scopes not available).

Our popular civilian model M4 is now available in the super accurate .264 LBC-AR™ caliber. Each rifle comes with a 16” medium weight barrel with a 1 X 8 twist, a .750 gas block with Picatinny rail, a 9” four-way handguard with locking ring and integral Picatinny rail system, and a VersaPod installed . Also included is an LBC soft rifle case. Two (2) fourteen-round magazines are also included.
We guarantee performance of ½ MOA or less.