Baer 1911 Monolith Commanche
Comes with Night Sights!

Patent No: US 6,477,802

Like our original Monolith, this reduced size version is tough as they come. The steel frame has an extra long dust cover that matches the length of the slide. That gives the 41/4" slide and the frame a blocky, one-piece appearance. It also gives the Monolith Commanche extra heft on the front end which helps reduce muzzle flip. Guaranteed to shoot 3" groups at 50 yards. In addition to all the features of the original Monolith (except for front cocking serrations), the Commanche also includes:

• Tritium night sights front and rear and our deluxe fixed rear sight • Edges rounded for tactical carry

Caliber: .45 ACP, .38 Super w/supported chamber, 9mm w/supported chamber