A Message From Les Baer Sr.

Dear Customer:

2014 was another successful year for  Les Baer Custom. Our custom firearms  continued   to be the hottest 1911s and ARs on the planet. As in the past, demand was extremely high for our precision built rifles and pistols. That should honestly be no surprise to anybody who really knows quality firearms, because the smoking hot performance and the unquestioned reliability of every one of our custom crafted guns has made them a legend in the industry and in the shooting community. So after almost three decades, we're still the leaders of the pack and the first choice of firearms professionals and discriminating collectors because we continue to emphasize superior quality, unmatched performance and inspired innovation.

So what does Les Baer Custom have in store in 2015? More of the same, as well as a new twist or two on a couple of our popular favorites. As you look through this catalog, here are a few things to which you should pay particular attention:

-The Les Baer Custom Boss 1911 pistol is a fitting tribute to Les Baer's lifelong devotion to high performance muscle cars in general and classic Ford Mustangs in particular. See the Boss 1911 here.

-Another Les Baer 1911 was also inspired by a very special automobile. The 572 Hemi is a reminder of the blazing performance and beauty of one of Chrysler's most iconic muscle cars. See it here.

-We sell a lot of our compact 1911 Stinger pistols, and interest in our expanding line of Monolith pistols, with unique looking frames that sport an extended dust cover, continues to grow, as well. So it only made sense to combine the Stinger size and our patented Monolith frame into a couple of new models that boast the easy carry features of the smaller gun with the heft and reduced muzzle flip of the beefy Monolith. See what we're talking about here.

- And for those rifle aficionados who believe that bigger calibers are what real power is all about check out the .308 Cal. AR-style rifles that have left all the others just watching our smoke. Check out the various models of Les Baer Custom .308 AR rifles with the links at left.

Enjoy our 2015 catalog and enjoy our innovative products. Good shooting!

Thank you for your business,
Les Baer Sr.
Member American Handgunner 100 Club

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