The Official History of One of America's Most Preeminent 1911 Pistolsmiths   Now available as a special Collector's Edition

Les Baer, Sr. has been winning accolades and loyal supporters since he first opened up shop in Pennsylvania more than a quarter-century ago. Since he began building his own line of exquisite 1911 pistols in Illinois in the early 90’s, his reputation for unmatched performance, innovative design and attention to detail has been responsible for a burgeoning base of true believers and passionate fans.

Charles K. Strowd, Jr. is one of Les Baer’s most dedicated supporters and an active collector of Baer 1911 pistols. As a labor of love, Charles undertook a project to tell the world about the Les Baer phenomenon. The result was a spectacular seventy-six page book that traces the growth of Les Baer’s product line and popularity for the past twenty-five years.

This handsome, collector’s edition is beautifully printed and magnificently illustrated with fabulous color photographs of Les and his products. This is one piece of literature that anyone who owns one or more Les Baer products will want to add to his personal collection. It’s a fitting tribute to the man who revolutionized the art and science of custom 1911 pistols.

LesBaer, Sr. A Legend in His Own Time …………………………………. $75.00